Xojo and word expansion?

on OS X, if you go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, you can define certain abbreviations which get expanded.

Is it possible to somehow get this to work in Xojo?
When I open Xojo, and then type in an abbreviation, nothing gets expanded.

Is there some setting on OS X which I can modify to allow this - or is this not possible at all?

Thank you all in advance.

No, Xojo Code Editor is a Canvas.

Thanks Axel.

However, other tools such as TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro do work fine with the Xojo code editor.

+1 for TextExpander. Saves me some time for typing. Why haven’t I ever used this in Xojo?

How do other apps achieve that?
How do they know if Xojo is installed and actually open - and how do they insert the text into the appropriate Xojo control??

I think it’s something like this here: https://www.monkeybreadsoftware.net/class-carbonmonitoreventsmbs.shtml. This may not be the latest technology for Cocoa.

My guess would be that TextExpander is looking at overall keystrokes and applying keystrokes to replace the text.

Scott - what I meant was I wonder how other apps actually:

  1. Know which app to paste this replacement text into.

  2. Know where to paste the replacement text in the other app.


The fact that the IDE is a canvas is not important to this question, as any “expansion” would take place in the “textstorage” buffer. The “canvas” just displays the “results”, it does not insert, delete, or alter the text content itself