Xojo and Ventura

I downloaded the Ventura beta, but I wasn’t given a choice of where to install it and thus it replaced my working copy of Monterey :frowning:

While stepping into the debugger, the application being debugged dies instantly.

So now I gotta try to get Monterey installed onto the blank partition I had setup for Ventura.

App Wrapper appears to work, except that stapler doesn’t seem to want to staple anything at the moment.

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Can you post your issue number? I don’t want to install Ventura before this is fixed.


Body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence.

Sorry, I meant the Xojo issue number.

I put Ventura onto a Fusion VM (upgrading the guest from Monterey 12.5 beta), but the result was a VM with no network connectivity. So I didn’t even get that far.

One step smarter than me, doing it in a VM!

I didn’t report it. I’d have to dig through and see if I can find any crash reports as Ventura (the name is not recognized by Apple’s spell checker, but is on Android) just gave me the crash dialog and clicking on report, gave me nothing.

It will now take days to reconstruct my workflow in Monterey :frowning:

Well, if things went well I was considering putting it on my 13" M1, but only after testing key apps. For instance, I do my books with Gnucash, which macOS upgrades tend to break. :slight_smile:

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Typically Xojo doesn’t spend much effort on these sort of bugs until closer to the OS release, because there is a real chance this is an Apple bug that will get fixed.


And every year there is this hen and egg discussion. I want to test Ventura WITH Xojo.

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Oh I get it, and I’m not saying you’re wrong to do so. I’m not saying there is no value in reporting this stuff either. I’m just reminding people that it’s a bit early to expect any kind of action from Xojo on the issue. We go through macOS launches every year and it’s the same basic story.


Remember, Xojo gets access to the new OS at the same time that all of you do. They need to download it, get it installed ( hopefully not wipe out their dev machine) and then run tests.

In past years I’d say that 97% of what was reported the day after the first developer beta came out was resolved by Apple in the weeks to come. Remember, like Microsoft, they can’t afford to suddenly break all existing apps.