XOJO and Twitter

Has anyone got any examples of Xojo working with Twitter. I have a small database of items that I want to tweet at a particular day and time to my twitter account, purely because I am lazy and to save me having to remember to do it. Some of these events are annually recurring and the app. would be running full time.

I simply need to check date/time, search the local database and tweet the 140 character content of the message, everything up to to the pointing of actually sending the tweet to my account.

If someone has written a twitter control that I can just drag to my window and access a bunch of methods even better :slight_smile:


I worked on some Twitter stuff for a while, but got side tracked. It and Facebook both require a wide variety of oauth twiddling. I haven’t seen anyone do controls or a plugin for them yet. :frowning:

Yes, I have some working code… but I believe that Paul Lefebvre will be posting an example project soon… and it is much better than what I have… so check with him…

I have classes for twitter, facebook, paypal, instagram, you name it. the web edition of the classes is different than the desktop edition (web version uses javascript…desktop sockets). Which platform will you be creating your application for?

WIndows platform.

We have an example project included with our CURL plugin which shows how to do twitter things including authentication. Maybe you want to try?

I’m not seeing this in the 13.5 examples, and on your pre-release site there are no 13.6 pre-releases, just the old ones. What am I missing?

The example for the 3rd Party Web Services webinar has a Twitter example:


Well, in 13.5 examples in CURL folder is a folder “CURLS post twitter with OAuth”.

Yes, but that example doesn’t work. Compiling to Carbon works up to you want to send a message.
When compiling to Cocoa you cannot activate the token (step 2).

@Paul Budd I have sent you a private message with source to access OAuth and Twitter in Xojo

Matthew, can you send me the source to access OAuth and Twitter in Xojo?

Thank you.


Matthew, can you send me the twitter, facebook, paypal classes for web edition please? Thank you very much!

Hey brothers.

Would you mind sending me the sources if they are still available?

Thanks guys.

His works can be found here:

Thanks for that. Looking more for the Twitter API preferably though. Is that available somewhere?