Xojo and MBS Plugins Not Loading

Anyone know why my Plugin folder isn’t loading? I copied my Xojo 2021 Release 1.1 from my DeskTop to my LapTop applications folder. Plugins load fine with this version on DeskTop and on pervious versions on LapTop.

Thanks in advance


Quarantine maybe?

I don’t know what that means Christian

Ah. So maybe I did know what you meant - just a bit lost with your short answer - thanks for the link. It may be - Verification ran alright, I wasn’t asked if I wanted to open the App. I’ll install instead and copy the plugins afterwards

just try if it works with

xattr -cr /Applications/Xojo

to clear the quarantine.

Or you can use an application with a pretty GUI to clear the quarantine attribute (can also use it to see if it has the Quarantine attribute).


p.s. Permissions Reset was made with Xojo.


Now the question is whether the issue is quarantine or something else.

It was quarantine. Unfortunately I didn’t get your ‘xattr -cr /Applications/Xojo’ command until this morning so I missed a nights sleep figuring out how to do it. All sorted now.

I would never have expected a quarantine issue copying within an internal network and using the same iCloud account

Please go in Feedback and favorite/subscribe to our feedback case:

58591 - Detect quarantine for Xojo app


I just got a message after going to your link saying this may this webpage or website may be impersonating your webpage and so I hit the back button I just thought I’d give you a heads up on that. sorry for the lack of punctuation

Thank you for letting me know, which web browser are you using?

Checking it in FireFox it shows it is secure.

The SSL certificate was renewed yesterday, hopefully it was just a side effect of that. Google thinks it’s all good (at the moment).

Sam I clicked on the link from my iphone. I’ll try my browser tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know Henry, hopefully it was just a temporary glitch with Mobile Safari. When my wife gets back I’ll borrow her iPhone and test it.

In the meantime I have just double checked it with the following.

  • FireFox on macOS 11.3
  • Safari on macOS 11.3
  • FireFox on Android 11
  • Chrome on Android 11
  • Safari on macOS 10.14

So hopefully whatever was causing it has now been resolved, but I will check with my wife’s iPhone just in case.

Could you post details on the SSL certificate you see?
Just to verify you see the real one and not one from a proxy:


Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2

Signature is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

Valid till 26. Juni 2021.

I have now checked with the Mrs’s iPhone 7 with iOS 14.x

It doesn’t display any such warning, so hopefully it was just a glitch as the certificate was renewed.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve had to spend more time on our website security, because of pharmaceutical companies that want to use our domain to sell drugs.

The information I have to hand says that the Ohanaware certificate is valid until Sat, 28 May 2022 11:08:50 GMT, with the serial number “10:94:CB:D5:9A:21:4E:D6”.