XoJo and Linux Mint 20.02 Not Working

I downloaded tried to install and use XoJo on my Linux laptop. When I click on the icon, it wants to choose an application to open it.

I’m not a linux expert, any advice here?

Best to install with the tgz

I actually did that. The resulting folder structure looks ok, but when I double click on the application file it doesn’t work.

Indeed under Linux Mint, the file association does not work.

Launch Xojo, and open the project from the File menu.

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What Michel says

I probably should have been more clear on what I did to install and try to run it.

  1. I downloaded the .tgz file
  2. I moved it to my desktop
  3. I did an “Extract Here”
  4. I created the folder and subfolders and files with all the XoJo stuff
  5. I went to the folder where I extracted everything and double clicked on the XoJo icon.

I’ve done this with my XoJo created apps and had no issues, I just can’t XoJo to start up.

Double click the gear icon Xojo (not the xpm):

That’s what I did.

There is a good chance that Mint isn’t recognizing the
.exe file as an executable. This is a permissions thing. I’m away from my computer, but you might open a terminal in the Xojo folder and do “chmod 777” on the .exe.

Alternately, if you right-click on the .exe and check Properties, you might find an option that says something like “Run as a program.”

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Thanks Jerry! That did the trick.

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