xojo and filemaker

I’m curious, is it more easy to develop a ground up system when using filemaker?
How FM help xojo develpper?
Any reference that I can read?

FileMaker is a database development tool.

Xojo is an all purpose development tool.

Some people use both, but most people just one tool.
And I make plugins for both.

Conversation based on FileMaker usually ask how to migrates from FileMaker to Xojo.

More data here:

It completely depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are planning a pure database application, FM is very easy to use. It is, like Christian said, a database development system, so you will run into its built-in limitations in case you want a completely free design or access features not included (where in many cases Christian’s plugins can help).

Xojo is a development tool, meaning you are completely free to develop whatever you want. The drawback is it does not give you as much assistance as FM when it comes to databases – you will have to use SQL (which in FM is rather a feature for advanced users) and feed your controls with data input manually. But again, many solutions exist or are under development that bring a lot of FM-like comfort into database development.

Even if you are looking for a pure database application, Xojo has some important advantages though: Your app user does not have to buy a license; Xojo allows you to distribute your apps without any fees or royalties. And with Xojo, the database itself is not part of the app, which makes it a lot easier to deliver updates without difficult imports of your old version’s tables.[quote=324264:@ronaldo florendo]How FM help xojo develpper?[/quote]
I doubt this will often be the case. It’s usually the other way: Xojo can be used to expand the features of an already existing FM database. When it comes to building a new app, most Xojo users will rather use Xojo for the database part too. While this takes some time to learn, it brings you full flexibility and control.

filemaker is very nice to make a database prototype, along with users screens, because it’s fast and clean.
however, when it comes to deployment, the cost will rise often too much.
also, the script language of filemaker is a pure sh** for a developper.

xojo has a far better language for programming, has zero cost in deployment
it’s almost as nice as filemaker for users screens, but lacks of all database methods you have to write yourself.
coming from filemaker, you also have to learn xojo framework.

begin your development with filemaker, and when you come to a dead end, migrate to xojo.
ps: or learn xojo directly you will gain time later.

Very nice reply.

Thank you guys for helping me understanding whats FM and XOJO is.

Responses have been very good here. I have developed quite a bit with FileMaker and there are times it is the best tool for the job. BUT it definitely has limitations. Because it is a Scripting language and NOT a programming language, you have to work around the way it is setup. Table relationships are all based on which form is currently being displayed and you can’t just go read a table from a script without the “relationship” already being predefined.

And I completely agree that deployment can get very expensive for a large group. And if you are considering building an application to sell as a (virtual) boxed product - forget it.

Also, the database and the code are bundled into one file unless you use what FM calls the Separation Model which is a big PITA, so this makes updating code on someones computer a matter of using the SM or building a process to copy all the data from the old tables to the new ones - even if the table structure didn’t change.

The short answer is for in-house straight-forward applications, FileMaker is really nice and solutions can be developed quite fast. But I always seemed to bump into the limitations or just get fed up with the work-arounds. Development takes much longer in Xojo but you end up with a much better solution with out the limitations of a scripting language. I have moved mostly away from FileMaker and use Xojo almost exclusively.

For us old farts, comparing FileMaker to Xojo is a lot like comparing R.P.G. to Cobol. They both have their uses and you have to decide what the best tool for the job at hand is.

Thanks you!