Xojo and B4 joining forces

Just read it on the Xojo blog:

Anywhere Software (makers of Basic for Android / iOS / Desktop) and Xojo join forces to counter the Xamarin aquisition by Microsoft.

Keep in mind that it’s the 1st of April, so that might be a April’s Fool joke.

Link to the announcement: http://blog.xojo.com/blog/Xojo-and-Anywhere-joining.html

Not there now, but it might not be a bad idea…

Anywhere Software and Xojo join forces
Can be a good idea

… to counter the Xamarin …
but not this one.

IMHO, of course ;-:slight_smile:

More details available here

Wait wait wait, I’m just noticing this now. They changed the blog url to… blog.xojo.com/blog ??

Who fell for it and clicked on the “link”? :wink:

No. it’s just http://blog.xojo.com . it came up that way because Markus created a bogus link.

Oh, thank god. I get the entries over RSS, so I rarely see a url.