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Not at all. My argument is all about pure facts without feelings. The mess was done, no one can fix it anymore, so let’s forget it and move on.

sure, you linked another of places that described why april fools this year should be cancelled, but I could do the same an link sites why april fools this year should resume like normal.

Your arguments is not based on facts but rather opinion. And the fact that you are posting your opinion, it is perfectly valid for someone to share their opinion. Agree with it or not… we are not talk about facts… this whole thing is about ones opinion.

opinions are not facts.

@Rick Araujo : that it is a mess is an opinion, not a fact. I will quote Wikipedia: [quote]Distinguishing fact from opinion is that facts are verifiable, i.e. can be agreed to by the consensus of experts. An example is: “United States of America was involved in the Vietnam War,” versus “United States of America was right to get involved in the Vietnam War”. An opinion may be supported by facts and principles, in which case it becomes an argument.[/quote]

Clearly, your position is based on opinion, not fact.

Enough of this already. That at least, we can agree upon. :wink:

Distorting the semantics is not enough. The phrase “My argument is all about pure facts” implies that the facts were the PREVIOUS argument. Later I said that all this, including this chit-chat is a mess, and ok, that part is an opinion, but, for real, I see it as a complete mess too.

Let’s agree on locking this mess?

I dont see how this thread derailed since we are talking about the core issue people are having understanding the difference between facts from opinion.

Maybe moving forward, people should state there intent by starting their sentence with “In my opinion” or “Based on this article, the author argues”

Ok, so let the mess go on. :smiley:

its apparent, in my opinion, that there wont be any ability for some to see someone else point of view and understand why they might be upset about that prank

fwiw - yes the video was well pranked and teased
that some folks dismissed others feelings about being pranked started the shit storm that persists

can we just lock these threads please ?

its not about a mess… I think its time in the Xojo community to learn how to respond to thread topics and not take them personally.

If we feel a thread topic is something that triggers them as a sensitive issue… then maybe disconnect for a while or ignore the thread might be the best choice. If is something that one can put the thread into context without getting insulted… then there is room for discussion.

I have seen too many times where threads get lock and people getting upset because the core message was lost. Its ok for us all to have opinions and views… and not once will I say someones views is flat out wrong. If anything, I would say… I would like to learn more as to why you are coming from that perspective. if a health conversation can pursue then proceed. if not, move on. Again… its time for the community to not read so deeply into a thread that they are relating it to their personal life of issues they are dealing with.

Its how we can evolve from it

[quote=482199:@Norman Palardy]
can we just lock these threads please ?[/quote]

I dont see what that solves… we dont learn from it… because a new thread will start only to have the same comment happen… Maybe lets try learning how we can move forward.

that wasnt the point
the REPLY that was given was dismissive and THAT is what really upset the recipient

that reply should have been better considered and perhaps NOT given as it was thoughtless and insensitive
knowing when to disconnect is one thing

knowing or even considering that your reply might be offensive is another

EDIT : for instance as an example
How would you respond to “Rich I think you’re being an !#$%!$ when you say that” vs “I think you could have said that better” ?
They’re worlds apart and on is said rudely and the other a tad more considerately

EDIT 2 - not that you ARE being one - its JUST an example
I’m sure you get that

I think this is a great example… we kind of answered it here or the other thread. Since English is not everyone’s native language… a discuss was had about sometime people not using the right way to communicate what they are trying to say. Once it was talked about and fully discussed, my view of the statement changes.

see… one can grow by clarification after the fact.

it is possible
BUT people have to be open to it and willing to at least try and see other peoples point of view
The “thread in question” had some replies that were not willing to consider that SOME might find that prank upsetting and could not grasp how they could possibly be upset. And were dismissive because they couldnt grasp that.
And it went off the rails there
For some it remains off the rails

which will happen… but we should always encourage people to expand there willingness to see things from a different perspective. Learning to disagree and appreciate the objective and learning to understand is something I work at daily. I would encourage others to do the same.

I thank you Norm and all for insight into such an important topic. How we can all grow as individuals when we choose to participate in dicussions.

we are living in strange times…