Xojo AI Auto complete

all i can say is WOW it works!

I wanted to personally thank the Xojo Staff for providing sample code to enable this feature on previously releases. I gave it a spin this morning and can’t believe they waited so long before letting users know!

For those interested in trying, add the following to the beginning of your code

var ai as new Xojo.Core.AI
ai.enabled = true
ai.thoughtperdiction = 20
ai.rkroll = true
ai.warp = true

And that’s it! now, you should see when you type, AI should take over and your ability to complete a task is radically reduced.

All I can say is this is just awesome technology!

you missed


ahh… I see it now… but it gives me error if I do this

sucker.LaughLikeHell = true

is it a broken Boolean?

Dang I accidentally ran that code on an endless loop, now my computer won’t stop writing code for me!

Personally, I thought it was in poor taste. The world is suffering and people are dying. People are worried that their jobs are going away and not coming back. Maybe they can afford to shelter in place or maybe take their chances in their ‘essential’ hourly job. Maybe they can last a few months on saving or maybe they’ve already missed their rent payment. Perhaps this year, of all years, is not the time for April Fools jokes.

Look, I understand it was meant as a joke. Not meant to be insensitive. But a lot of people are under incredible stress. So maybe take a few extra moments to ask, “Does this help?” with the understanding that making a joke for some, will be funny, and for some it will be very infuriating. Stress brings out the best and worst in people.

Well, I don’t know. I understand your point, if I don’t share your opinion. Making an April fool joke about those who are suffering, THAT would be terribly insensitive, in poor taste and just plain wrong.

However, bringing a bit of laughter and good humour at a time when people need it most, I thought it was OK. Hope and a bit of laughter are precisely what the world needs right now to help release some of that stress.

I guess I am looking at the other side of the coin.

For once I do not agree with Bob. If we wish to stay healthy, there is no better medicine than a good laugh.

Exactly then when things go wrong we must keep up a mindset still able to laugh or to make jokes.

It does not help anyone if we stay home with a depressed mind.

I love jokes and humor. Not a fan of pranks, usually I think that all pranks are something of bad taste, with ONE exception… In April First. Sometimes there are some clever and funny tricks on April 1st. Sometimes. :smiley:

You don’t have to agree with anything I say and never asked that you do. I just ask that you understand that some find the attempted use of humor to be the opposite of funny when things are bleak. I’m a fan of dark and gallows humor nearly all the time - my wife does usually too - just not right now when she’s worried about her consulting, my new job, and what life will be like next month.

Some enjoy the comic relief when others see it as not taking the current situation seriously enough. That’s my only point. We should be extra kind to those we interact with. That’s like I’ve seen people joking about fake sneezing when they get to the cash register at the grocery store and thinking it’s funny when it’s not, at all, to the cashier.

This kind of thing makes bad pranks very different of bad Jokes. __^

Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.
–George Bernard Shaw

The funniest part of the video was watching Geoff trying to keep a straight face as he gave the presentation.

We are in a lock-down situation for a month now and my wife had to cancel giving seminars, by government order.
I work from home-office as usual, but I don’t know whether I still will have paid work in a few months from now.

Many of our close friends as well are self-employed workers and with no or very little income now. I totally understand how things can get scary and fundamentally threatening.

And at the same time I know from my own experience: A stable mind is crucial now. I don‘t allow myself to drop into sorrows. keeping my mind balanced is fundamental to my physical health and for my immune system.

Regular mental training really is helpful. Laughing and being happy without any outer reason, on a regular base, this keeps my immune system up and running.

And this is the only thing which nobody can take away from me. Keeping or loosing my laughing, my ability to see also the positive aspects, the funny side of it, this is in my own responsibility.

And still I stay respectful for what others are going through, at the same time.

Thank you Oliver.

I was upset about Geoff’s April fools for different reasons.

I’m not happy at all about Xojo not being able to ship. Web and Android are taking YEARS. The road map is taking very long time to tick things off. Bugs languish.

People are screaming about autocomplete being slow.

I saw the video description and link and thought about the AI session at XDC 2019 which sends data to either Amazon or Google and back. I thought, how could that be fast enough and watch the video.

Once the joke appeared, I was kinda pissed that Xojo just wasted more of my time talking about features that will never ship.

I’m still miffed. Making a joke about new features when you can’t ship the stuff that’s actually on the list isn’t funny. It’s disrespectful.

I smiled while watching the Video, but i tend to feel the same like @Hal Gumbert .
Can’t really understand why @Geoff Perlman is making jokes about areas of the IDE some of us have a hard time using it. I already stopped my Hobyist Development, mac App Store Projects and Website just because the IDE is too slow to enjoy working with it.

So, if we are not able to recognize the video as nothing more than a joke… then I say… lets go extreme on this… Xojo should not provide ANY insight into future release to avoid anyone’s feelings might get hurt.

buy a product based on whats available today, not what is in next release.

I love preview of features, but let me inform you that Geoff trolling the user base about something that don’t and will not exist is not in such category. So your argument is voided. Most of the complaints above are not based on the content of that silly video, but about current features and speed.

sure… but with that, you are making it about feelings rather than sticking to the context of what the joke was about.

My argument is not voided because you say its voided. I could argue that by you saying that, you are infringing of my feelings and not being considerate of my views. See where this gets just plan silly?

If we stick to the context and scope of what the joke was about, I fail to connect how it spills over to other topics that you are upset about as it relates to product updates.