Xojo Account Contact Info problem

I logged into my Xojo account for the first time today and wanted to update my Contact Information. When I clicked on it, I got this error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function label() on a non-object in home/website/xojo/www/account/contact/index.php on line 24

I’ll look into it.

Is it better now?

Yes, it’s working fine now. Thanks!

Another account issue: Each time I try to log into my Xojo account, I get a message/link that says “Before you can sign in, please validate your e-mail address.” If I select it and click on the link in the email, I get into my account just fine without having to reset my password.
This happens in Chrome, IE 10, and Firefox.

What link does it send you?

You want me to post the actual link I was emailed to access my account?

Heh, I thought this was a private conversation. Yeah, probably shouldn’t post that for everybody to see. Though it shouldn’t access your account, it should only validate your e-mail address. Which is what you want.

I can lookup the link myself.