Xojo 22r4.1 causing out of memory warnings from macOS on M1

I’ve never seen this before, but this morning I woke to this dialog on my M1 Mac Mini (8GB model):

The IDE had 2 projects loaded - one large-ish, the other very small (2 windows, 6 modules, a few dozen properties).

Anyone else noticing memory issues? Has memory creep come back to haunt us?

2020 M1 Mac Mini, 8GB RAM, macOS 12.6.2

It is common for Xojo to use a few GB of memory.
Depends on what plugins are installed and how much you used the IDE.

Maybe you like to quit Xojo in the lunch break and then restart it?

And of course, if you can monitor the memory usage and identify a memory leak in Xojo, please put your findings into a new issue.

Yes, I already saw that with a MacBook Pro m1 8GB…

No, because I now restrain the number of loaded applmication when I use Xojo to the strict minimum.
I even left some to avoid these (poor man’s) troubles (because of the 8GB… built-in RAM). :innocent:

Was that ever gone???




Xojo 2021r2.1 is using 2.13 GB of RAM on my Mac, that is with the following projects open.

  • App Wrapper.
  • Sleep Aid.
  • The Ohanaware App Kit.
  • Energy tracking app (which is running).
  • IOReg explorer project.
  • Xojo Shell energy test project.

I only have the default plugins that shipped with Xojo, perhaps having all 3rd Party plugins uses a lot of RAM? Tim has an app that allows you to turn off the plugins that you don’t need. Strawberry Software - Plugins Pro

I specifically only the last version before DesktopControls as it screws up my workflow due to incompatibilities needlessly created by DesktopControls. Perhaps having a version with rectControls and DesktopControls needs a lot more memory?
If you’re not using DesktopControls, perhaps give 2021r2.1 a try?

Realistically, you’re gonna have to spring for a new Mac in the near future as apps and the macOS are only going to use more and more memory.

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