XOJO 2024R1.1 Main Menubar Submenus Disabled

Since moving a project to Xojo 2024r1.1 I found Menus are no longer enabled but greyed out. After researching the problem I found a bug report for Xojo 2024r1 for this issue and said it would be repaired in 2024r1.1 it wasn’t, for anyone experiencing this problem. This is the workaround I am using to correct the issue. Add a MenubarSelected event handler and then the code to enable each menu item:

Sub MenuBarSelected() Handles MenuBarSelected
For x = 0 To FileMenu.Count -1
FileMenu.MenuAt(x).Enabled = True

For x = 0 To EditMenu.Count - 1
EditMenu.MenuAt(x).Enabled = True

For x = 0 To HelpMenu.Count - 1
HelpMenu.MenuAt(x).Enabled = True

End Sub

Can you post a link to the bug report you found?
If this is not working, can you create a new bug report and upload a sample project?