XOJO 2023: slider is not transparent, despite it is set transparent in the properties. Can someone explain why?

I want to use slider with colored rectangle beneath it. Despite I set the transparent property of slider on, the slider shows in the IDE indeed transparent, but when I run the program it is not transparent. Is this a known issue? If so, is there a workaround for it or do I have to wait for a bugfix?

Overlaping and set the transparent to on could work on mac but Xojo has a long standing problem when overlaping controls, that is why there is a section in the docs called DONT OVERLAP CONTROLS. Kind of works on Mac, but on windows xojo has no transparency.


Are you using Windows?

yes, I am using Windows 10 & 11. With 2016.3 the transparency did work well. A few weeks ago I made the decision to go to 2023.1 and migrated my software too. Not such a pain, but now I am faced to change things which did work well in the past.

ok, thank you for the tip. i will read through it. I am not such a good doc reader when it is no doc about programming. My fault.

ok, I read it…now I understand why after the migration to 2023.1 my overlapping container controls are hiding underlaying container controls partly or completely. In 2016.3 one could see them perfectly. I use a container control array which is flexible in number of controls, relying on the number of objects it controls.
The container control had code which was only busy for the name of the object it has. For each named object the same code and they were running independent with a timer. All went good, still working, but the display is a mess on my worldmap.

If you have alternate sets of controls that you want to display in the same space, swapping them programmatically, then look into the Page Panel control. It allows you to define an area in which you can have multiple pages of controls. Swapping the page as required. You can’t have a control on more than one page, but you can work around that.

It won’t solve all your problems, but in certain circumstances it is most useful.

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thank you, I will look into that.