XoJo 2023 R2 How to tell the Session to update the browser

Hello all,

In a button, I want to tell the browser before code is executed, to turn on the spinner, so the user knows that something is happening.

Following code execution I would set the spinner to off once again.

I thought I saw a method to do this, but I cannot find it anywhere. Can anyone advise?

We have done the following in the past…

  1. When user presses button, show the ProgressWheel.
  2. In the Shown event of the ProgressWheel, run your code
  3. At the end of your code, hide the Progresswheel

Hmm, ok I will look into that.
However, I could swear there is a function to send an update to the browser…

Thanks for the hint!

Maybe you are thinking of UpdateBrowser, but I don’t know it works the way you want/need.

Yeah that’s not what UpdateBrowser is for. That command is for SDK controls to send their properties.

What you should be doing is using a WebThread for your long running process. Then you can show the progress wheel, and start the thread. When the thread finishes it’s work, you set the progress wheel to not visible.



Thanks everyone.