Xojo 2022R3

Just installed 2022R3. I’m rewriting an old app created years ago and upgrading it to a completely new version in API2. The original version opened in “needing saved” mode, that is the red traffic light on the top left of the window has a black dot in it and even after saving it won’t clear.
I compiled the new version under V3 after making a small change and it compiled fine. I saved the file but the window was still in needing saved mode and it will not allow it to be closed. Every time I try the Save or Don’t Save dialog is displayed. Click Save and it goes through the save process but doesn’t close the window. Click Don’t Save and it closes. It now opens in needing saved mode.

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Do you have a window selected that contains a DesktopTabPanel. Viewing such a window causes the project to become dirty, even though nothing has changed. If you save while the window is on screen it will remain dirty and never appear clean. The only solution is to click on another window prior to saving.

Reported but yet to be fixed: Xojo: Account Login

Ok thanks for that.
That does seem to be the problem.
What I have found, in some cases, if I change the window layout the app remains dirty but if the code is changed it seems to save properly.