XOJO 2022R1 Signing process - skipping files

Hello guys,

I wonder how XOJO is doing the signing process and if it can be customised in any way.

Why ?

Well i want to add a helper in the main app and deploy it on launch and do the rest but the helper is individually signed so doing the build steps and copying files then signing the app i assume that it will override the previous signature so it will break the helper app.

Any more details on that ?

Thanks .

you can copy the helper via build script step into the right folder.

Both apps should be signed with same team.

This is one of the most time consuming steps in App Wrapper, is it digging into the application bundle to codesign everything that needs to be codesigned.

If you already have a copy of App Wrapper, check out the scripting pane to copy paste a Xojo IDE build script which will sign everything that needs to be signed.

If you do not have App Wrapper, you can download the demo and use it for 14 days. App Wrapper 4