Xojo 2022 Release 2 too soon?

One of the bug I report (#68562) is marked as fixed in tracker xojo v2022r2 and in the release_notes 2022r2 but it is not. When I look in milestones this bug is still in the middle column “Ongoing Issues (open and assigned)”.
This version was marked as come out on july 25 (du date).
I can understand some of the bugs are reported to a next realise, but why list them in the Release note of this version as they are not fixed? I suppose there are some trouble with using the new Xojo tracker instead of the old Feedback.
I don’t want to blame anybody, just point out something I find strange.
I wish to every Xojo team and every forum members good holidays. Bugs can wait, life can’t.

When you do professional development, you more or less always ship software with bugs (and missing features).

Happens even for my plugins.

We often have deadlines to ship by some date and can’t always move another week.

So Xojo 2022r2 included a few things, which didn’t make it in right in time, so they move to r3.


I think his point was that then they should not be in the release notes.



I always ship with bugs. (I never intend to)
But nobody else is allowed to do that…


Javier wrote that an ulterior fix moved the original one. He corrected it again for the next Xojo version.
Then it was not a problem with the Release note, just that the bug re-appeared.

You will notice that point releases usually quickly follow. Bug fixes being the reason. Patience, young padawan :smiley: