Xojo 2022 R3 error with project


Downloaded the newest version of Xojo and tested out my projects and all is good except for one project. I went to run it in Xojo and I get the error of “Compilation of “Arcade” failed. An error occurred when attempting to launch the application.”

Never had this error before in previous versions of Xojo.

If I compile the app instead running it in Xojo, no probs. This is the only project with this issue. Don’t know what the problem is because it worked fine in the last version of Xojo.


Mac OS 12.6
Xojo 2022 R3

Have you clear the cache ? The project was not in the Cloud ?

Also, make sure there isn’t an old version of the debug app already in the folder.

Yep cleared the cache. No cloud.

No old version of the debug app in folder.

Well I found a fix, so to speak. I had to do a “Collect Project items…” and saved that somewhere else. Open that and was able to run it in Xojo. So I made a copy of that binary file and moved it back over to original project folder and was able to run it in Xojo as well. The original project file still wont run in Xojo. Odd, but at least it’s working now.