Xojo 2022 on Windows 11 on i3 10th Gen.?

I am thinking about getting a Surface Go 3 with an i3 and 8GB RAM for Developing an Inhouse Project.
Is such a light CPU enough?

I don’t think i3 is the culprit here. 8GB is a bit on the low side I think.

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I have the original Microsoft Surface Book with 16 GB of memory and it runs great for Xojo and Visual Studio plugin projects. I agree with @ChristopheDV, 8 GB may be too small. With my 16 GB of memory, Windows also adds 16 GB of virtual memory. If you can get more memory, then please do. :slight_smile:

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I would never recommend an i3 processor, go with an i5 at minimum.

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It’s just for playing around. I’m a macOS User and just want to have a Machine i can do small fixes on on the go, without havin to pull out a MacBook. And because i am curious. :wink:

Anyway. I’ve purchased such a machine. And while beeing far from fast enough for daily work, It does the job.

But yes; i’d also recommend anyone to go for i5+ at minimum. :slight_smile: