Xojo 2021r3.1 and AMD

this days i experienced that my executable desktop app just disappear
if me open a window with a lot of desktop controls.
if me close something and start it the second time the window opens normal.
i had open this project in the ide, in background steam, nothing more.
i think this behavior came from amd graphics driver so i updated it and reboot.
someone else had/saw this issue?

I’m having issues opening an older project at the moment, it runs and just quits back to the IDE, when its built it runs and quits. I’ve just deleted everything from it and put a new blank window in there and it does the same thing. I’ve yet to reboot to see if that fixes it. I’m on intel though, W10.

I assume this is on Windows 10?

It turns out windows has some very special behavior - if it detects an app is crashing, the next time you launch the app the OS may apply a Compatibility Fix (formerly called “shim”) so the app doesn’t crash the next time.

This is helpful, but also makes you crazy because it’s hard to tell why the app is crashing, and sets up a situation where the app only works on the 2nd launch, but never the 1st.

See Creating a Custom Compatibility Fix in Compatibility Administrator (Windows 10) - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Docs for gory details.

I assume this is on Windows 10?

yes, i use win 10.
my app starts with the first window to select the last recent files.
the “main” window open then by double pressed in listbox.

Is this window implicitInstance = True?


i not use it here but it is enabled.

Sub DoublePressed() Handles DoublePressed
  Var Win As New WindowMain
  If Settings.StartMaximized = True Then Win.Maximize
  Var f As FolderItem = FolderItemFromList
  If f<> Nil Then Win.Load(f)
End Sub