Xojo 2021R3.1 accent color cross platform

Xojo 2021R3.1 has Xojo green accent colors for all controls on Mac (Not sure on Windows as I only run Xojo on Mac)
Is there a way for us mortals to do something similar for compiled apps that is cross platform or at least Mac and Windows?
I know it can be done theoretically with declares, but as Xojo uses it, I was thinking there now may be an official and more easy way to do this cross platform?
MBS can read the color, but as far as I know, cannot set the color.

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It tooks Apple 40 years to do that. (more or less)

It is a matter of taste, and I can tell you that I strongly dislike it. But who cares about what I like or dislike ?

I’m now building canvas-based controls, including radio buttons, segmentedButton and tab panel, to (1) get uniform capabilities on Windows and MacOS and (2) user-definable button colours, font sizes and styles, not just those Xojo baked in. Also on the segmentedButton, to have an equivalent with icons (no captions) as seen across the top of the IDE.

I’ve noticed the segmentedButton has a bunch of styles and behaviours that are macOS-only. Not really happy about that as 60% of my customers are Windows people.

It’s especially annoying that radio buttons can no longer be laid out horizontally, or mixed with other controls in a more complex UI. While I’m keeping an older version of Xojo that allows this to be done - and it builds and runs in 2021 3.1, I guess some future version will no longer allow that.

There was no feature request so I made one to have the old RadioButtons back: <https://xojo.com/issue/67289> : RadioButtons missing in Desktop API 2.

In my limited testing of this, I thought I’d found a way to explicitly set this in code at run time, but it doesn’t always work and I’m not 100% why at the moment.

Otherwise @Thom_McGrath has done it by creating a Asset Catalogue (vommits in my mouth) in Xcode and then importing it at build time.

Since I’m not supposed to link to my site, best I can do is suggest a google search for “Setting your own accent color for Xojo macOS apps” to find it.

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Wait… What?

You mean this article?


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Thanks Sam, I will look into @Thom_McGrath’s solution. (And soon will renew my AppWrapper license :wink:

One rule for them, one rule for Norman…

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Ironically we can’t edit our posts after a certain time so errors in posted code can’t be fixed without another post but we can if we post it on an external site, thus making the external site more viable…

Take a look at www.cryptic.co.uk, I have done a lot with cross platform UI and styles.