XOJO 2021r1.1 - XOJO 2121r3

I ONLY build for Windows.
I use ‘Xojo 2021r1.1’ together with ‘MBS Plugins 21.4’
One of my app’s ‘MixMaster’ printed in pdf format counts 1413 pages of code.
My App works perfect in Xojo 2021r1.1 and analyzing the app → 0 errors / 0 warnings
Achieving this switch to API 2.0 was already quite a job (0-indexing in API 2.0, … )

When loading my App in Xojo 2021r3 everything seems to work correct → OK
Analyzing with ‘Show API 2.0 DesktopControls Deprecations’ on results in 0 errors and 8812 warnings → OK
Doing a ‘Update controls to API 2.0’ results in 4002 errors / 1303 warnings → OK I do not need to migrate to DesktopControls (that would be a big job again)

My question :
What extra features do I gain by switching to Xojo 2021r3 without migrating to DesktopControls API 2.0 in comparison with Xojo 2021 r1.1 ?
Are these extra features worth the re-investing in a new license ?
Or are there perhaps reasons not to switch to Xojo 2021 r3 ?
I am a ‘hobby’ programmer and I don’t make money with my app’s.

Hi @Volbragt_Etienne

Maybe you want to judge yourself the convenience, reading about bug fixes, improvements and new features through the Release Notes

Paul wrote a blog post highlighting some points. You can find the published article here.

Worth to mention that you can update, improve your current license or buy a new one getting a 20% off until next 29th November.

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I would say none, for now.

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You would gain Dark mode support on Windows (If you do Windows Applications)

Features, not really, some bug fixes.

Until now, looks like DesktopControls have LESS functionality with some properties removed. You will have to use the new event names which has its learning curve and will slow your productivity meanwhile.

Are these extra features worth the re-investing in a new license ? To have the SAME controls but with less functionality and new naming without real new features? NO

Look at the release notes, if you see some bug fix you need, consider to upgrade, if not, Wait until xojo releases something worth your money.

Windows’ Dark Mode works with the “old” desktop controls as well.

He was asking what features he would gain by switching to 2021r3 without migrating to DesktopControls.

So yes what I listed as feature that would work for him works.

Björn, you’re totally right! Sorry, I misunderstood the question. You gain all features w/o migrating to DesktopControls.

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Thanks all for the replies.
I will continue to build my apps in Xojo 2021r1.1.
The necessary changes are too extensive to do the switch.
I will keep trying new releases and perhaps in the future if needed, investing in a new license for a newer version.

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