XOJO 2021 r2.0 (WebListBox)

New version managed to make it hide a column by setting it to 0 ?!
Because it still doesn’t work for me, how is a column hidden?

lstMovs.ColumnCount = 5
lstMovs.ColumnWidths = “110,110,110,50,0”

There are columns that I do NOT want to be seen !!!

Why not just not including it?

lstMovs.ColumnCount = 4
lstMovs.ColumnWidths = “110,110,110,50”

If you want to keep track of more data from your Model beyond what you you see in your View, you could add some linking key/index to the row tag and keep track of that additional shadow data elsewhere (Array, Dictionary, Database…)

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Used to the VB6 I like to load the content once to the grid, it is simpler.