Xojo 2021 1.1

I just installed Xojo 2021 1.1 on mac OS, but when i create a empty project and run it gives me following error-

Linking Executable

My Mac OS version is 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

How old is your Mac?

I have read a couple of posts/cases and both report problems with old macs but no problems with newer macs.

High Sierra probably is too old. Xojo needs a newer version of XCode.

Are you talking about OS, Its 10.13.6.

but if i go to xojo download page, it says OS needs to be macOS 10.13 or greater.

I’m talking about your machine.

I didn’t see that you are talking about iOS. I don’t know the requirements for iOS but I think Apple doesn’t allow the creation of iOS projects in macOS 10.13 anymore. It looks like Apple is pushing developers to use the latests macOS every year with their requirements (Xcode, minimum macOS, etc.)

macOS 10.13 is the minimum to run Xojo.
But for iOS app, you need 10.14 minimum…
Scroll down on this page :

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