Xojo 2020r2 iOS Simulator Help


When trying to run a Xojo 2020r2 iOS application on macOS 10.15.7 with Xcode 11.7 and 12.2 both available, the run button is disabled, and nothing is available in the simulator device.

According to the system requirements, it looks like I should be good. What am I missing?


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This might help:

Open Xcode
Go to Preferences > Locations
Select an item in the Command line tools popupmenu

Hi Jeremie,

Thanks for the suggestion. When I pick Xcode 12.2, I am now able to select a simulator device in the Xojo>Build Settings>iOS inspector pane, but the run button is still disabled. Do you have to have a license to try something on the simulator?

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Hover your cursor over the Run button. The tooltip should give you a hint.

Everything is working after a restart!

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