Xojo 2020r2.1 Linux example form button layouts

I’m noticing that -all- the example files open up in Linux Xojo with the button controls all half-height. All the button text is chopped in half and looks cruddy.

This makes it seem like Linux support is sorta half-baked, or is there some system setting to make the button layouts the correct size? It would seem if Xojo wants to show off Linux support, it would be neat if there is a way to have the controls laid out the correct size.

Using Xojo 2020r2.1 Linux, on plain stock install Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon (as in recommended setup from Xojo).

Also, in the first example I looked at for setting up sockets, the example instructs me that I’m to open up two instances of the app to get each instance of the app talking to each other. Except if I do that the debugger crashes when I try to open second instance. I guess that example needs a fully licensed Xojo to build a deployed app or ???

Run the second program again (after Xojo says it can’t find the debugger).
The second run usually works.

Check the Linux Build Settings (see Navigator list on the left pane). From there you should see a “Normalize Control Size” option (see Inspector on the right pane).

“Usually??” Not here. I get a line dashing back and forth and then error message from debugger.

Yes, Normalize is on. Control buttons are normalized to the wrong height.

I have been using linux and xojo for years, and it constantly loses my license, so I end up with ‘Buy Xojo’ all the time.
After the debugger message, when I click run again, the program runs. I have had 3 different programs running simultaneously with the debugger.
The examples programs are strange, though. You may need to save a copy before running them.

Ahhh- The Linux example control buttons normalize to a too big height when normalize is ON during -runtime-. Then the layout goes back to too small size during -design time. I saved, closed and re-opened the project in Linux IDE and repeated the test. Same thing.

Example projects look OK in Windows Xojo, which is where I’m guessing they were more tested. Not sure what was actually tested on Linux Xojo version - but that’s just what I’m seeing here on a fresh Linux Mint 20.1 install.

Hi John, hopefully you reconciled that the IDE’s design look and the app’s running look are usually not the same on Linux. The key is to keep in mind that most Linux desktop environments prefer at least 26p of height for most controls.

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