Xojo 2020r1 vs 2019r3.2

So , the funny part starts .

I have a part of my app that imports some files, I take, same app, same code, I open it in XOJO 2019R3.2 works perfectly, same code I open it in XOJO 2020R1 does not work anymore, could someone explain this ? as far as I know the changes done to the Framework could not affect my code.

I simply have a listBox with a drop object enabled get all the pictures in the list , then process them with a thread, Previous XOJO works smooth, new XOJO transfers just the first one and ignores the rest .

Come on guys, I thought releases is for fixing bugs not breaking apps, now I have to trust 0 % of the current release app and start testing 1 by 1 each feature and each part of code for this. Or second option is to revert the project back to 2019R3.2 with the risk to corrupt it because of course I did it fast and from mistake I opened the original project and if going back now I could break the whole project and stay there until R1.1 comes or whatever version that will fix the mess .

I guess I’ll have a fun time lost to test again all the app and code to see what else new XOJO broke.

Can someone from XOJO could confirm that if I open the project opened in 2020R1 back with 2019R3.2 I don’t risk breaking the whole project ? Please. so I know what I have to do.


You cannot. Go to your backup. 2020R1 is not a bug-fix over 2019R3.2 in any way.

How about posting the code in question?

Oh, there are plenty of fixed bugs in 2020 R1.

I just reverted the project back to 2019R3.2 and so far it works ok, I will do full test on the app to make sure nothing crashes and once that is validated I will keep my current project on this version, for 2020 I guess i’ll wait for R1.1 . Issue seems to be random on FolderItem.MoveTo part so I’ll do more tests and see where is failing and eventually report a bug or so.