Hello, to begin I want to clarify that this claim is about the WEB which is what interests me now and it is where the development approach has been going for years, so it should be your priority.

I love 2.0 but I think it was missing that the essential things (already existing) work without problem, then they can add things, as happened with the new date control that in my opinion works badly, but you can choose to use it as is or use one that you already have.

What can NOT be, is that basic processes such as LOSTFOCUS in webtextfield DO NOT react correctly (I would say that perhaps it is also in other controls, but where it can NOT fail is in the basic text fields).

I am a fan of this new version but it must be recognized that before covering new functions you should PLEASE solve basic things that in reality it seems that they did NOT test. The WebContainers are copied (duplicated) out there. I heard that perhaps the lostfocus will work if the controls are created one by one, if so, it is something ridiculous.
The worst thing is that at least in the Spanish environment I do not see follow-up to this issue.

Will there be news ?!

Closing this topic as it is a duplicate post of Xojo 2020r1.2 ACTUALIZAR URGENTE POR FAVOR!

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