Xojo 2020 Update Video From CEO Geoff Perlman

As you may have heard, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel XOJO.CONNECT 2020 in Nashville. Since we know you were waiting to hear all of our exciting news, we have put together some videos for you all to enjoy.

2020 is going to be a very exciting year for Xojo - we finally see the finish line for several of our multi-year projects. Starting now you can watch Geoff’s 2020 Update to get an overview of what’s been going on behind the scenes at Xojo and what to expect this year. Discuss on the forum here and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the rest of the videos drop in the next few days, including our Android update with Paul and Web 2.0 with Greg!

pdfdocument & workers

curious what sdk they used for pdf’s

Awwww man!

that worker class is significant, as is the pdf stuff!

Did I hear something about plugins for mobile platforms?

Superb, Workers, THAT’s exactly what was requested in the FB case. That’s new… And super awsome !

and the big question, when will the updates be published

Can’t wait to test :slight_smile:

yes, you have some homework now Christian !

In what platforms will be available the PDF class ?

Hell yes. This looks awesome.

MIght be the corona psique but I did not get the feeling we will have a release any time soon. Hope I’m wrong.

Well at least part of them were said to be in R1, so hopefully that means 2020 R1. :slight_smile: And since nearing the end of March now (though releases are not promised on a calendar quarter schedule) here is hoping it is “relatively” soon. Although the demo of Workers really caught my eye, though a slide near the end made it sound like multi-core support was coming “later this year”. So I am not sure that Workers will be part of R1.

Would love to be proved wrong though. I already use console apps as helpers, but looks like this will greatly simplify the process!

WOOT!!! PDF Documents and Workers…Almost looking forward to these more than Web 2.0…Almost. :slight_smile:

as they say in my country, do not throw candy to the children, we are going to want more and for yesterday, we already want Web 2.0, android, etc.

My understanding is that workers will come after r1.

I hope not. It would be a pity if Web 2.0 were “The Thing” of r1 and we wouldn’t get really big news in the desktop environment.

PDF and especially Works are great at first sight. Whereby I wonder if the JobCompleted/JobRun Events can only get strings as parameters or also other data types.

Desktop, web and console until we have API 2.0 for iOS because PDF support requires strings.

Even if so, you can accomplish much by using a dictionary or JSON and bi-directional string conversion. It does sound like they are using IPC under the covers, so I suspect you would have to serialize objects or whatever. Would be cool if it could be shared memory blocks though.