Xojo 2019r3.2 IDE on macOS Ventura and M1/M2

Hi, for personal projects I have an Intel 13-inch Macbook Pro laptop that I want to replace with an M1/M2 MacBook of some kind. But I need to use Xojo IDE 2019r3.2 for web 1.0 development work to support a couple of old web applications still in use. I don’t want to keep the Intel laptop just to support those old applications, as they are likely not going to change and the laptop does have a value for sale or trade-in. Can anyone tell me if 2019r3.2 works on macOS Ventura and M1/M2 Macs? Thanks.

What does:


this have to say?

Hi Tim, it says: “These are the system requirements for the current shipping release of Xojo.” – 2019r3.2 is not the current shipping release.

Yeah, I guess the answer to my own question was “Not a lot.” Sorry, I though it had more to say about older releases. I poked around a bit but didn’t see anything.

There’s also the System.Version crash on Ventura to look out for.

If you have a license that covers 2019r3.1 you can download it from the archives: https://www.xojo.com/download/archives.php

If you can, avoid Ventura and use a more stable operating system.

You can take a look at other threads about Xojo2019 and Ventura, like:

@Tim_Parnell Do you know if the System.Version crash affects apps built with older versions of Xojo?

IOW is this going to be a huge show stopper for all Xojo-built apps or just built with the newer IDE or the newer IDE itself running?

Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like it is easier to hang on to my Intel laptop for now! :frowning:

Right now just on some Ventura versions. Recompiling using 22R4.1 or above will fix it for those.