Xojo 2019 R31 Compile Fail on Windows10


Just getting started with 2019 R31, in parallel on Mac and Windows (separate computer for each). When I try to do a debug run on the Windows version, I get the following error dialog: “Compilation of “xyz” failed.” followed by “The plugin “RBAppearancePak.xojo.plugin0” shares the same filename on disk as another plugin. Please contact the plugin vendor and ask for an updated version”.

I also have Xojo 2017R21 installed. One is in Program Files and the other is in Program Files(x86). Since Xojo is the presumed vendor of this plugin, what do I do?

Jim Wagner

Usually for us this means the file can’t be written, because the app is still running.
So clear builds folder. If that doesn’t help, clear cache folders.

There is no Builds folder. The project is in the Documents folder and has a Debug XYZ folder that contains a Debug XYZ Libs folder, a Debug XYZ Resources folder, and Debug XYZ.exe. That Debug exe was still running.

It also fails if that Debug folder is present, whether or not the .exe is still running.


I get this problem on a regular basis. Sometimes Xojo doesn’t release the files in the debug folder, even after the exe has terminated. Also presents itself as an “unable to locate Framework dll” error. Try deleting the debug folder. If Windows won’t let you do it then, either shut down and restart Xojo or rename the .exe in the builds section to get around the problem

Don’t do it in the documents folder or allow an exception to the windows defender folder access. Since you may end up getting lot’s of trouble for each project you create. Better use your windows user’s home folder and create a sub folder to hold your projects. That won’t bother the windows defender

  1. Are you trying to run two programs at the same time either on the same ide or in different editions of the ide?
  2. Do you see this on first run after rebooting the windows vm or on subsequent runs?

I THINK that it happened on Windows when I terminated the program from the IDE rather than from the running (debug) program but will need to try again, to verify.