Xojo 2018r4 on a M1 Mac

I’m thinking about switching to a M1 Mac.
However, there are a couple of Xojo projects (Desktop, Console - no Web or iOS) still being compiled with 2018r4.
2018r4 needs a “patch” in order to run on recent macOS. But… will that work on a M1 Mac, too? Is it possible to compile macOS (Intel, 64Bit) desktop/console applications with 2018r4 on a M1 Mac?

I know - an uncommon situation… and I can’t try myself since I don’t have such a Mac (yet).
If someone knows, does exactly that - or could give it a try - then thanks for letting me know.

I can download 2018r4 and try running / building something for you?


Just downloaded 2018r4 and added a RadioButton and PushButton to the layout. Run the desktop application and got the following error message:

Linking Executable
ld: file not found: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIFoundation.framework/Versions/A/UIFoundation for architecture x86_64

Looking at the macOS settings shows that Arm target is not available on that version. Build has the same result.

That is expected and needs the “patch”: Big Sur and Xojo 2019r1.1

Then running and building works on Intel Macs.
So I’m curious about what happens on a M1 Mac…

I’ve copied the files and it reports that Xojo is damaged and wants to move it to the Bin (Trash). I suspect because I’ve broken the signature.

I’ve looked in the system preferences / Security panel and it doesn’t offer a Run Anyway option. I think the M1 versions are much stricter than Intel versions. Happy to try further.

OK, as per a PM from AlbertoD, I:

  • Download Xojo 2018r4.
  • Installed it into applications
  • Run it
  • Quit it
  • Copied the files from 2019r3.2

I was then able to start up 2018r4 and add a radio button and button and run the application successfully.
There was no code in the application but it did run without errors.

I tried a console application with no code at all and got the following error in the console:

dyld[7870]: Library not loaded: '@rpath/rbframework.dylib'
  Referenced from: '/private/var/folders/ww/j1dhx_ks3hn6zqtcgsjbgvbr0000gr/T/TemporaryItems/test.debug/test.debug'
  Reason: tried: '/private/var/folders/ww/j1dhx_ks3hn6zqtcgsjbgvbr0000gr/T/TemporaryItems/test.debug/test.debug Libs/rbframework.dylib' (file system sandbox blocked open()), '/private/var/folders/ww/j1dhx_ks3hn6zqtcgsjbgvbr0000gr/T/TemporaryItems/test.debug/test.debug Libs/rbframework.dylib' (file system sandbox blocked open()), '/usr/local/lib/rbframework.dylib' (no such file), '/usr/lib/rbframework.dylib' (no such file)
Abort trap: 6

Happy to try other options if it helps. Feel free to provide same code via pm or email. I’m happy to destroy afterwards.

don’t know what prevents you from using a recent xojo version, but the migration to the apple silicon is on the way, and it is urgent to move your apps from this 2018 compiled world…
I know many people (like me) are still using xojo2019r11 because of the difficult move to API2, but may be you could use 2019r11 better than 2018r4 ?

It’s just some (internal) legacy projects (that will continue to run on Intel Macs) that might need a fix or two.
And I’m trying to figure out if we could build all we do on a M1 mac - with both current Xojo Versions and some builds withs old versions.

That shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Thanks for the (good) news.

Looks like that’s because 2018r4 doesn’t do CodeSigning.
In the best case, the built executable is ok to work on an Intel Mac.

Thanks. I think that’s good enough for now.
It seems that it would be possible, but honestly I don’t think it’s the best idea.
Should I really want (or have to) do this, quite some testing needed.
But at least - it doesn’t seem to be impossible. That’s all I wanted to check out before trying to get my hands on a M1 Mac.

No problem.