Xojo 2018 vs 2015 events

Driving me nuts:
A project (too complex to consider cutting down as an example for the moment)
which works perfectly in 2015, raises Open and Activate events in the wrong order when debugged or compiled in 2018
Has anybody else suffered from this?
I don’t understand how an activate event can even occur before Open

The net result is that some controls are never shown because some variables are nil at the point they are needed.

What version of 2018 are you using as this was fixed in 2018r2 feedback://showreport?report_id=51840 and might be related? It says it was a framework issue and not just ide related.

That bug report was for 2018r4, which is after the ‘fix’
It may be related
How long ago did Xojo ditch GDI?

From what I can make out the bug was reported in 2018r1b15 and fixed in 2018r2.

2016r4 was the last edition to use GDI over D2D

Now my Mac Xojo 2018 has stopped building for Windows even though it was working this morning and the licence key screen says it ran out in June 2019

Head, meet wall. :disappointed:
I don’t need this right now.

Are you getting an error of some kind?

Yeah ‘Xojo being operated by Fozzy Bear’, apparently.
I’m a muppet… somehow had managed to click the ‘windows’ target twice and so ended up with no build target.

Ignore the build issue.
I’m going to go break open a scotch.


I changed the coding so that all my initialisation occurs in Activate, if it hasnt already been done.
But still missing controls.
Turns out that the missing ones are all containercontrols
Turning off hardware 3d acceleration in VMWare didnt sort it out, even though it did get the Xojo 2018 IDE to run without BSOD
I cant see any other posts about container control issues though.