Xojo 2018 or wait

I am putting this in off-topic as it isn’t really a technical question or solution.
I have been using Realbasic/Studio/Xojo since 2006 and until 2016, paid the required subscription fee each year.
However at that time, I went from a career oriented income to a fixed income (due to a number of circumstances)
so as such, I have to plan ahead for an expense as small as $300.

That all being said, lately (over the past few months), there has been a lot of discussion about Xojo2018, and various issues it has, some related to new features, others issues cropping up in previously existing features. So I know that there has been progress on making it more stable, but since I am having to hedge my bets on when I start my “next year” subscription. I would like to hear from those of you who are currently up to date, and see what you feeling about the current state of Xojo is. My concerns are limited only to macOS and Windows, so I’m not much interested in issues that relate specifically to the other platforms.

Should I start my “year” now? Wait for 2018r2 or r3? or hold out for 2019?
I’m not in a huge rush (yet)… but I would like to get the full 64bit experience (debugger etc), so I can move away from 32bit completely

We use Xojo 2018r2.1 for large problems are don’t have those problems other complain about :slight_smile:

Then you are ahead of the curve… since public download is for r1.1 not 2.1

so I’m back of the curve …
I have an active pro licence, and I use 2017r3 because it fits my needs…
I understanded that 2018 is mainly for windows stuff I don’t need now.

Unless you plan on releasing something soon what is the point of buying a license for you? You can create your apps in the latest Xojo and test them in the debugger, but unless you NEED a compiled version there is no case for you to buy.

We use 2018 R1.1 for some of our projects. Seems that if you’re migrating apps forward that have a lot of workarounds for older Windows drawing issues then it’s a mixed bag. I’ve had a couple of projects that getting them to work in 2018 was simply too much work (and the client didn’t want to pay for it) so we stuck with their last Xojo version to do Windows builds and use the newer Xojo to build 64-bit Mac. I think for new projects you’ll be okay.

I caveat all of this by saying most of our stuff is pretty straightforward business database applications. No fancy drawing and we tend to keep everything pretty clean unless we have to. Others have plenty of negative opinions.

I would vote for try out 2018 (R2 is coming out soon-ish so maybe wait until then to make the decision.

My projects range from simple to complicated in-depth graphics on Windows. Similar to what Bob mentioned, straight-forward apps with Xojo controls should be fine and have minimal issues. If you are debugging on a Mac then its probably fine. I have the latest licenses and have been attempting to keep up with all of the latest changes - and there have been many good changes.

I have noticed significant frames-per-second increases from about 1.5-times to usually 2.0-times speed with the latest changes on a running program. This is great news if you are starting a new program - although I would tend to wait for a couple of releases to ensure the frequency and types of changes to graphics code have slowed down. Updating older graphical code on Windows to the newer 2018 r1.1 can be difficult and there may be more code changes happening in future releases.

I’d try out the 2018 R2 demonstration version when it is released and if you like it then get a license.

I have an active PRO licence for some years now.

Its is a shame to say that for many proyects I had to still use 2016 R4.1, Lots of problems with printing on windows, and UI on windows and linux (mainly Rasp Pi) 2018 R1 Did’t solve them. I think Xojo is on track to adress that but, i doubt they can do it this year.

I would use 2016 and wait to see if 2019 solves the main issues

If you want to do 64bit then a newer version is necessary. However, in both 2018r1 and r2 the focus seems to be Windows. So I agree with Markus: don’t buy until you need to release.

imho… dont buy now. wait until middle 2019

I would suggest you wait for Programmers Day or some other time when Xojo licenses go on sale. I picked mine up for a 20% discount. It is also less expensive to pick up two Lite licenses, one for Windows and one for Mac.

I mean 2018r1.1 of course.

In another thread, I was already surprised that people were still using versions from 2016 or 2014 for example (for large programs or professional programs). You’re not afraid to have big bugs, to have to do a huge update work (big accumulation of changes in frameworks, Sqlite version, plugins, etc.), or even to be actually locked in an old version?

A logical step should be to download and install the 2018 version and convert a project with it. Then you can decide to stay behind or update to recent. Simple not?

Well, you should keep your license up to date.
Because if you guys don’t buy licenses, Xojo Inc. can’t run well…

@Christian Schmitz ,

True, but remember the plees for solving the Windows flickering problem. This year 2018 r1 solved finally the flickering problem. Then 2018 r1.1 introduced the flickering again based on the replies here on the forum.

Can you blame me for waiting until Xojo is a stable product? That is why I gave the advice first test it and when it does what you want, buy a license.

The problem is not the money (299 USD) but I don’t know if my problems with Xojo are solved. I can understand Dave S because all the negativity, makes it very hard to make a decision. That is why we should think before ranting, are our rants justified or connected with a frustration?.

I am using Xojo 2017 r3 because that version works for me.

Breaking news (just read it on a tech website): The calculator in Windows 10 did not calculate the square root of perfect squares or the cube root of perfect cubes correctly.

For example if you took the square root of 4 and subtracted 2 then you got ?1.068281969439142e?19.

After TWO YEARS the bug was finally fixed.


Because it stirred quite a debate on a Chinese question website (something like Quora)


and made the Calculator team look bad: “Look how bad Calculator is, It can’t even do basic elementary school math right!”.


Btw when the Calculator team announced this change at an internal event, they wore custom-made T-shirts that said


Quite honestly they should have been ashamed instead of floundering the bug.

I love XOJO is good

Christian Schmitz is right but the frustration of the update and errors are scary and one keeps looking for alternative or moves away from XOJO for another language.

I am already looking for an alternative for web on like python or others but compare with XOJO is more work in others language.

Didn’t Apple also have a bug in their calculator where it could not do simple math like 1+2+3?

When the two biggest tech companies can’t even make a calculator that works; how on earth can everyone else be held to such accountability?

And what about this (long time ?) Firefox bug in the Libray window ?
When you clear the Library list, Firefox eats slowly, but surely your hard disk (SSD here) until I do not know or there is no more left room in the disk…
In the same time, it is “freezed”.

You can test that if your hard disk free room is around 30-40 GB.

Force Quit is then your best friend (and only solution, beside not clearing the Library window)