Xojo 2018 and Catalina


All my projects have many objects on top left position of windows.

I have Xojo 2018 and now I’m using Catalina.

Do you have any fix for this?

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Have you tried dragging them to the desired positions?

It’s not funny, at all.

All my projects are broken after update to Catalina.

Does Xojo has a fix for this?

Fix for what? Can you explain showing?

You mean that you had a perfect layout of a window in a project that was working in a MacOS machine, running a MacOS version before 10.15 (Catalina), and then you upgraded the OS to Crapolina, and now, when you load your project, all the objects of the windows become piled on the top-left corner? Or what? I never heard about a case like that.

Have you tried to download the 2019r1.1? This is a generation post-Catalina, pre-API2.

[quote=488948:@Alexandre Cunha]Hi!

All my projects have many objects on top left position of windows.

I have Xojo 2018 and now I’m using Catalina.

Do you have any fix for this?

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Can you provide a screenshot?


Don’t save your “old and perfect” project in such conditions. Download 2019r1.1 and check if it loads ok with it.

I “upgraded” to Catalina a couple of days ago, everything is running OK under Xojo 2019R3.1

I can hardly imagine this is an OS version problem. The IDE encountered a bug, that’s “all”.

This does not occur on all projects, nor all objects…

Also not the same object types…

I don’t know what’s the pattern. If I do, I could open all projects (xml) and fix it by myself with a xojo app!

Maybe if you provide more information and a sample project Xojo can look into this?

I didn’t understand your first post, I guess that’s why Rick put that image. From your other posts I can figure this:

  • you are using some version of Xojo2018, can you say exactly which?
  • your projects are Web projects
  • you are saving in XML format (I haven’t used that format, I use Xojo Project format)
  • your projects opened correctly in previous version of macOS (Mojave maybe) and now with Catalina they open like that, same Xojo version

Some questions and things you can try:

  • open your projects in a previous version of macOS to make sure they are correct, save in other format (Binary and Xojo Project), then test again opening in Catalina
  • when you inspect an object that is in the top left corner, do you see something else changed beside the top and left values? How about Width and Height, and the Locking is correct?
  • any of your code is external
  • download Xojo2019r3.1 and load your project in Catalina, does it look the same?

Sorry you have to do many tests, but this is the first time I read that this happened to someone. You will need to provide more information and do the tests above.

I opened the project (unsaved, of course) on latest version of xojo.

Almost all my projects have the same issue. A lot of objects miss aligned on top-left corner of window, as the picture above.

Any clue?

If you can share one of your projects that have this problem, I will do the tests needed to have more information.
Without more information is hard to find a solution.

Which format do your projects have? Do you have access to an older macOS? What were you using before Catalina?

I’d try to open the project in the version of macOS that your were using before Catalina and save it to a different format.