Xojo 2018.2: In plain english, what does it mean...

…HTMLViewer uses WebKit2 on Linux (if available) and latest Chromium Embedded Framework 3 on Windows (when WebKit is selected) ?

It’s informing people who might be concerned about the version those controls are. If you don’t know what it means, it doesn’t affect you. Web viewer versions can affect how things behave, especially with javascript.

When developing apps you can show an HTMLViewer. That Viewer needs a web rendering engine. Normally, that’s the operating systems web rendering engine. Mac/iOS would be Safari, Window would be IE/Edge, Android would be Chrome.

So that states that x platform can use y web rendering engine. :slight_smile:

So my application which use GraffitiSuite classes and i use WebHtmlViewer would be affected in terms of UI/speed etc as it is? The preferable browser is Chrome. In plain english i meant what would the advantages in practical matters…

No, these changes do not affect the Web Framework. Everything there relies on the user’s browser. This note is regarding HTMLViewer on Desktop and it’s rendering engine.