Xojo 2017R2.1 Windows 7 Progress bar wrong filling


It seems that there is a problem on the windows side for the progress bar part. I have some processing to do and it is reflected on the progress bar .
On MAC works perfect but on windows for example I have 149585 records to process and when I`m on 7250 the progress bar is already to 45 % which is wrong so when I reach to 10% real the progress bar shows something like 80% filled, on Mac shows correct one.

Any idea what it is ? it used to work properly before as I use it a lot and the previous versions work ok .

Thanks .

Please file a Feedback report. Includes a simple sample project that demonstrates the issue.

I`m trying , so far feedback is crashing like crazy and blocked on “Logging in…”

If you continue to have problems with Feedback, email the sample project to me and I’ll raise the case. Assuming I can verify it of course :slight_smile:

Well think I found the issue

[quote]The maximum value of the progress bar. The maximum value of Maximum is 65536.[/quote] this is what I see into the docs, but it is strange how it works properly on Mac, and because it does not say if windows or Mac then I have not idea.

I guess I have to do some kind of calculations for the amount bigger than that value. in my case 149585

I assume that the progress bar is based on 32 bit framework, so as well the limitation.

Thanks .

You should try to convert your values to 0-100 range. Might work always as expected.

Yup, that’s what I always do.

As others have said, it may have a maximum value of 65536
But if your progress bar is 2 cm wide , even on a hires screen, it doesnt have 65536 pixels across.

Set the Maximum to 100
Take YOUR maximum.
Take YOUR value

Progressbar.value   = ( YOURVALUE/YOURMAXIMUM * 100)

It updates in 100 steps - doesnt need to be updated any more frequently.

dim newval as integer = ( YOURVALUE/YOURMAXIMUM * 100) if Progressbar.value <> newval then Progressbar.value = newval