Xojo 2017R1 X64 build time

Hello Guys,

I`m trying the project that i have on 64 bit and i Choose 64 bit and on Optimisation Level Aggressive and my mac went like nuts, all the cores are 99,7%, ram up to 12 Gb used, and XOJO, Not responding and like that for the past 40 min or more, so what should i do in this case ? kill XOJO or just leave it and eventually it will finish ? I see it reduced the cores from 8 to 6 and now to 4 so i guess it is still doing something and hopefully finishing this .

I just hope that i dont need to wait 1 hour for each build or ill go nuts here :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess i`ll leave it 20 min more and if still not responding and the progress bar still does not move i will have to kill the app and leave the 64 Bit for other future versions .

Any ideas, updates are welcomed.



Possibly related to https://forum.xojo.com/39525-plugins-preparation-for-64-bit-extremely-slow ?

Aggressive can take a very long time even on the best systems. This is nothing new in 2017r1. Generally speaking I would select either Default or Moderate.

generally speaking, what benefits do each of these modes supply to the end product?

The general idea is in the docs here under Optimization:


Cool thanks , so far the cores reduced to 1 , the xojo still not responding and i can start to make a barbecue on my mac. I guess in this case will be great to have something like Xcode has like the Build server, you just drop the app there, send the build command and let the server / service to do the rest there and once done to let you know so that you can test it .

Still waiting but i got the idea, thanks Travis , i will have to put default next time, i`m just curious now to see if it will finish and when .


If you’re interested in build automation, this might be of interest:


We use that functionality internally to integrate with automatic build systems (like Buildbot, GoCD, etc)

NOT to be THAT old guy, but I remember compiling on an SCO Xenix (286 7.2MHz) system taking long enough that I could start a compile, go to dinner and a movie, and then get back to the office just as it was finishing. I also remember performing a bootstrap on gcc 2.0 taking all night.

Amazing how quickly we get spoiled :slight_smile:

Been there
Start compile Friday night
Go home
It might be done Monday morning

Back in the days, on the Harris computer at the American Center in Paris, compiling forum software for the CalvaDos Bulletin Board took all the afternoon. You better double check everything and make sure your code is right before hitting the key.

Indeed Aggressive takes forever. That is the price to pay to gain some execution time. Buy a second Mac :wink:

++1 :slight_smile:

I remember regularly compiling a Linux (1.x era) kernel on an entry level 386 PC clone. I’d start the compile just before dinner and would hope it would be completed with no errors by the time I woke up the next morning.