XOJO 2017r1 Windows hangs on start up

Just loaded version 2017r1 on Windows 10 platform using Parallels on MacBook Pro.

I downloaded the two additional plugins for DynaPDF in the plugins folder. When I load Xojo it hangs after the green progress bar reaches to just below the “X” of Xojo logo. The message below the logo is “Loading plugins” - i.e. this is before the dialogue appears for application selection.

Removing all plugins, the five usual ones supplies with Xojo and the two DynaPDF ones allows Xojo to start, but not to run due to errors with no DynaPDF plugin.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Does it run with ONLY the 5 standard plugins?

Did you try clearing the plugin cache?

Download and run dbgview while launching Xojo, https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/debugview.aspx
I use it all the time when troubleshooting plug-in issues.