Xojo 2016r3: DMG & Listbox


I had the luck to download Xojo 2016r3 before coming back home two hours ago.

Here are my first discoveries:

a. Opening the DMG file was slow, very slow (but it may be my boot disk fault’s),

b. The infamous white part at Listbox right part is still here, *

c. Due to a bug I do not removed (my fault), I had in front of my eyes the widths of my Listbox: the values have decimal parts. I may not really understand, but I think in the Release Notes that is is not possible to set a decimal value to the ColumnWidths.
[May not be related]
[I do not understand all this decimal rumble, I never get any but there. Annoyance for building my own ColumnWidths, but that is just me].

  • Yes:
    a. I do not saw anything about that in the Release Notes,
    b. The current project is Listbox based: it was too easy for me to check that.

I do not have more time right now: I have to go to the ophthalmologist (because of eye troubles).