Xojo 2016 r.1 freezes/crashes and feedback systems fails

Is there anyone else who experience problems with Xojo 2016 r.1? Since I installed the release on a Windows 7 machine (I installed it on 2 different W7 machines and the behavior is on both the same) the IDE freezes after a short while or crashes. I have had also 2 times already the IDE did quit completely while running the desktop application.
Note that I did not experience this behavior with Xojo 2015 r.4

When the IDE freezes I am not able to open a feedback window to create a case. The option to create a case keeps on greyed out on both systems, while I am logged in. (I checked this 3 times now).

On one of of the systems the feedback tool generates an error window in which I can write comments about the failure. However, when I press on submit a second error window does appear and nothing is send.

I did uninstall the feedback tool and did re-install it, but the result stays the same. Opening the feedback tool generates an error box which generates a second one when press on submit.

In Feedback, you must do a search first. Type a summary as if you are going to create a case into the search field at the top and see if there are any other existing cases that match your description.

Ok, Xojo 2016 r.1 did crash now for the 4th time today, I filed case#43592 - Xojo 2016 r.1 crashes.

This behavior did not occur with Xojo 2015 r.4, I am thinking about falling back to this version.

Greg, I also files 2 cases with dumps now:

  • 43606 - Framework failed assertion at WinTimer.cpp:60
  • 43611 - Framework failed assertion at WinTimer.cpp:60

Same errors, which not did happen under Xojo 2015 r.4

@Rob Valk I’ve had to go back to 2015 r4 for a similar reason. I submitted case #43477 weeks ago and it still says Needs Review. App used to work fine in 2015 r4 and earlier but crashes in 2016 r1.

Ok, my case is closed as duplicate of case#43169 - Framework failed assertion at WinTimer.cpp:60

Fix is coming up after the test period is past.

According the text in case#43169 this issue also was in Xojo 2015 r.4, which might explain why my timers did stop working after a while, because:

… Xojo 2015r4.1 fails silently at the same point and the timer never fires.