Xojo 2016 and MacBook 2015

Has anyone tried running the IDE on a MacBook (“new” 2015)? Curious as to the performance with fairly complex projects in Xojo 2016. Not for regular use obviously but for infrequent, on the road use.

Yes, I know it only has one USB-C port and I’m aware of all its other deficiencies such as tiny screen size and that you can get more bang for your buck with other machines and that performance is subjective… etc etc. Still, I’m just curious if anyone has experienced the IDE on it and if it can keep up with your typing, if dragging controls around isn’t too much of a drag (see what I did there) and generally how they felt about it.

I would take the project and Xojo on a USB drive and go to an authorized reseller. I’m sure you could try it out :slight_smile:
It’s a beautiful piece of hardware!

Take this with a grain of salt, but this MacBook is rumored to be refreshed within the next 10 days or so.

Yes, I read that. I use a Retina MBP on the road at the moment but the battery is starting to die. I’m working from home most of the time these days and I thought changing to a MacBook would be great for the total of weight etc. I heard the upgrade rumor and I assume the next one will be a better spec… so if people found the current model passable for infrequent use, then the next one would be even better :slight_smile:

I routinely use a 2015 MacBook for prototyping small code segments; it’s noticeable slower than my 2012 MacBook Pro. With and without 2016r1.

Like many first gen products; make sure you get the APP with it, mines going in for repair this week. Replacement USB-C cable, replacement Wifi antenna and now also a replacement keyboard. It may also need a replacement battery, as it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as Apple state. Battery life drops significantly when the machine is not in use. Needs charging every 4 days (without use) or the battery runs out.

To be fair, I bought it because it’s an underpowered machine. This way when my apps work acceptably on this machine, they fly on others. My 2008 Original MacBook Air was pig slow, but worth every penny.

I was hoping that USB-C would take off; but alas there’s really not much using it and was disappointed that Apple didn’t release a connector to plug the MacBook into an Apple display, instead it only connects to non-Apple displays via HDMI.

Looks like the new Macbooks just dropped!


[quote=260824:@Christian Wheel]Looks like the new Macbooks just dropped!

Great timing! When Tim sent me an iMessage and said it would be soon, I didn’t think it would be this soon :wink:

I have the 2015 MacBook ; it works adequately on the road, but I would not make it my main machine.

To me, the main point is that it is not much heavier or bigger than an iPad, but I can use it for programming.

Living off the C connector takes a bit of work, though. I had to purchase the double adapter that takes the power cable plus one USB, so I could use a small mouse.

The screen is very nice.

Of course, since they issued a new one, it will be even nicer.

What is it with making everything rose gold?

I’m holding out for Avocado Green.

Like these :stuck_out_tongue:

One more thing… The ‘Space Grey’ color has worn off on the palm rests, revealing a black metal underneath. I’ll ask when I take the machine in if this is covered under the APP also.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just whining about this machine, I do appreciate the portableness of it. For me it’s far more practical than an iPad and I do use it every day, it’s become my daily non-programming machine. Just make sure you get the APP before your 1 year warranty is up.

Not to be mixed up with “Monkey Shit Green”!

Don’t get the mania for rose gold either. Pink is fine in the garden but a pink laptop just makes me shudder.

Got Tangerine collecting dust somewhere. Still works :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch, I can’t think of a Mac laptop since maybe the PowerBook G4 that the palm rests wore off.

Blueberry Rev A. was the first laptop I purchased new :slight_smile: I never used the handle in public :wink:

[quote=260791:@Albin Kiland]I would take the project and Xojo on a USB drive and go to an authorized reseller. I’m sure you could try it out :slight_smile:
It’s a beautiful piece of hardware![/quote]

a. and the reseller’s MacBook willgain a lotof Xojo data in its Library folder(s)…

b. Add to the price of the beautiful piece of hardware a USB box (one USB 3.1 + Many USB 3, etc.) ~ $200-300 ?
If at home, you have an External HD to connect, want to print from the portable, watch TV from an USB 3 key on your external Monitor; many more uses may need USB (or other) ports.

I knew that I forgot something: if you still want to be able to make (burn) CD, DVD, BR / BD… another USB port (to boot on pre-El Capitan or buy Toast) + an external burner is needed…

I do not talk about a Mouse because it is a matter of taste: it tooks me around 2 years to be able to really use the Touchpad…

Who says life is easy ?

Right, this isn’t a Pro machine. Luckily Apple make laptops called MacBook Pros :stuck_out_tongue:

The MacBook is basically an almost-iPad-sized laptop with all the advantages and disadvantages that the size and spec brings with it. I’m just looking for a super-mobile machine for very infrequent use. No way should this be a professional developer’s daily machine.

Do people still use CDs/DVDs? Not even the MacBook Pros/iMacs have readers for this ancient tech.
A mac cannot boot on an older system than it was shipped with so no need to boot pre-el cap :wink:

But, the lack of USB connection could be irritating at least for me. Using a hub is cumbersome :slight_smile: