XOJO 2016.1 - crashs with Windows and MySQL

I’m coding with Xojo 2015.4 with a Mac.
I’m using MySQL to save data.

The compiled version of my app runs on a Windows Server 2012 with all updates from Microsoft.

With Xojo 2016.1 and Xojo 2016.1.1 my app always crush on the Windows Server in that moment I’m using the MySQL database. The same app with Xojo 2016.1 in the debugger at Mac OS X don’t crash.

When I’m using the code again with Xojo 2015.4, there is no crash at the Windows server.

So something in Xojo 2016.1 isn’t compatible to MySQL?
[I’m using Xojos “MySQLCommunityServer” to connect to the MySQL Server.]