Xojo 2015r4.1 Safari WebListBox row click selects wrong row

Can’t seem to find this one in Feedback or on the forum. (Kind of surprised at that. Could be my search skills.)

Using Xojo 2015r4 or 2015r4.1 with a web app running in Safari: clicking a row results in the wrong row being selected. Basically you can click on the top 2-3 rows. But when you click on row 4, row 5 ends up being selected.

As you go further down the list the error grows, i.e. clicking row 11 can select row 13. (It would appear to me that Xojo is using the wrong row height on Safari when trying to calculate which row was clicked.)

I see this in a clean project with nothing but a page with a WebListBox. No container controls or anything like that.

Known issue? Or should I file a feedback?

I do not see that behavior in 2015r4.1 when trying the Examples/Web/Controls/LargeData example.

Loaded the LargeData example and saw the same behavior. But since you didn’t see it I started digging around. It looks like a Safari extension is the cause of the problem.

For anyone who comes across this: the extension is ZoomBySite 1.6.

Thanks! This is why I like to air out apparent bugs on the forum before filing a feedback.

[Since Aurelian created a new conversation for his questions, I’ve removed the comments from this conversation to prevent confusion.]