Xojo 2015 R 2.4 And W10 Pro 64 bits problems


I have a PC with W10 Pro installed xojo 2015 R 2.4, in development mode when running my applications, I get an error

Can not find a type with this name
dim db As New PostgreSQLDatabase

This Item does not exist
Valentina.InitReports (“xxxx”, “xxx”, “xxx”)

Any solution

I can not upgrade to Xojo Mayor 2015 r 2.4, the clients computers have WXP.


With those errors, I would guess you do not have the PostgreSQL plugin nor the Valentina plugin copied into the Plugins folder.

Hello Paul.

the plugin is into the Plugins folder.


I remember reporting a bug that one of the DB engine plugins did not include the 64bit parts.
I think it was fixed in 2017r2. It may have been Postgres.

Found it, was MSSQLServer. Sorry.

OK Tim