Xojo 2014 (Win) - license doesn't stick

Running Xojo 2014 on Windows 10 to maintain an old project. I now noticed that the pro license no longer sticks - I add the file and it shows but as soon as the IDE is restarted, the license is lost and I cannot save the project in text-format (it’s in xojo_project file format).
My guess is that’s something in latest Windows 10 because I was able to work on the project in January 2022.
(Yes, the project is this old because of UI access from Threads and a rewrite is not feasible).

Anyone else having similar problems?

Not with Windows

I recently went through a lot of code to avoid UI interaction in threads… PM me if you would like to hear what I did.

Are you using a current license or one from 2014?

My license file from 2014. My current file is not accepted.
The file validates OK but doesn’t stick. The problem is then when I open a xojo_project project I cannot save it because the xojo_project file format was/is a Pro-only feature…
Worked in previous version of Windows 10 as I did a release of the software compiled with 2014 in January 2022.