Xojo 2014 freezes at Linking

I am using xojo r2.1
I migrated an existing application from realbasic 2011 to xojo. Now when I build the application it builds fine for windows but for Mac it freezes at Linking.
It does not even throw an error.
But If I create hello world application it is building it for Mac with out problem.
Any ideas what could be going wrong.

There’s no “2.1”
The name is the year + the release (ie 2013r2.1 or 2015r2.1)

Not knowing exactly which version you mean is problematic answering with advice

Sorry Norman. I mean xojo 2014 r.21

well … this could be an issue that has since been solved (there’s been a lot of releases in between then and now)
it could be an out of memory issue
or any one of several other issues

in order to offer advice a sample project may be required that shows this issue

I upgraded my system to Windows 10 and created a new user.
Now it builds under new user but still does not build under my user name.

Suggests “something” about your user account
Not sure what though