Xojo 2013r2 IDE problems

Since I switched to the new Xojo IDE I’ve been having (minor, annoying) problems. Anyone else seeing these?

Font sizes s/b all same size and s/b changeable. I have a high res. display where I’ve set the Windows ‘Custom DPI setting’ to 125%

Mouse scroll only scrolls main window (usually) sometimes its OK but if I click into any of the non-main windows then it only scrolls the main window.

Paste problem: When I place the cursor (without selecting any text), right click and select ‘Paste’ the cursor moves one char to the right and pastes there. As a result if I put the cursor at the beginning of the line and paste the result is that the 1st char. is BEFORE the newly pasted text!

Help! window: When I select a command, etc. and press F1 the (local) Language Reference window opens at the ‘Category:Language Reference’ page, NOT at the command info page. To get the info I want I need to enter the command into the Search box and press [Go] (Same for both the local and web based.)

Library & Inspector windows: I’ve selected these ‘As floating palettes’ to allow me to place them on my second screen and give me more room in the main window. However when I minimize (or even close!) the main window the palettes just stay there! They SHOULD minimize/restore with the main window (like other programs) BTW: After closing the main window and clicking on the Palette I got an error which launched the ‘Feedback: Dashboard’ & an ‘Error Detected’ dialog box.

BTW: It would nice if when the debugger stopped at a breakpoint that it would put the breakpoint line at the center of the editor window instaed of at the bottom. Also: when I press ‘Edit’ while at a breakpoint the editor would STAY on its current position instead of going to the top of the module.

My system: Win7 64bit NVDIA ver. 135.7 w/dual displays Mouse: Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0

Thanks, BobM

I’m not sure if there are existing cases for these or not, since my focus is on the Mac side of things. It’d be quite helpful if you could create a Feedback case for each individual issue you find and post the list back to this thread.

I find that if your cursor is on the command, method you require the LR for thenright click rather than f1/search works ok (bottom of right menu). Goes straight to the page in most cases.

I logged a bug regarding the font scaling here <https://xojo.com/issue/27720>

I have a windows machine that has a High resolution display and have to use font scaling to make things readable, but because of this Xojo becomes very awkward to use and I haven’t gone much further with it.

You are far better to lower the display resolution than to scale the font bigger. As a very predominantly Windows user I have yet to find an application that supports font scaling well - even MS apps will fail here.

Although I’m sticking with Xojo the current builds of the IDE are pretty bad. Changing the size of the xojo window is very painful but worse is the gradual screwing up of the keyboard input until it’s impossible to type due to transposed output. An example of this would be something like textarea1.tex will become textarea1.txe and require three back spaces to get to textarea1.t so it can be fixed.

This is basically stopping me from using any extra plugins - sorry Christian - because I’m having to restart Xojo at least twice a day (and I’m not a power user). And then there is still the non-responsive app noted in the late beta stages of R1 that is still there in R2 - but now is just put up with.

But I’m sticking with Xojo - I can see it’s potential and do expect it to get much better when the last of the Cocoa issues are resolved - then us poor Windows users will perhaps get a look in! And I can now debug my Windows Service Apps in a real world environment which was just not possible before!

It’s a weird little laptop (Sony Vaio P series) with a 8" widescreen display 1600 x 768, the next option down in the Windows screen size is 800 x 600, where it becomes 4:3 and everything is still so tiny, my eyes feel like they’re bleeding!

Copy and Paste (and text block move) in the IDE is becoming farcical. C&P is close to being unusable unless you’re prepared to clean up misplacements three or four times, the highlight copy feature is so sensitive I find I am copying 2/3 lines instead of one word!. The move text block is like playing space invaders and what makes things worrying for me is that it appears to be getting worse which is strange!!

Anyone else struggling with these issues?..I don’t see them on any other app (MS office apps or Dev C++ IDE for instance) - what could I have not correctly set?

This post caused me to smile, not because of anything that was reported, but because I am using Windows 8 most of the time and I have 3 screens in front of me, 2 @ 1920 x 1080 (23") and 1 @ 2560 x 1440 (27"). I have not had a problem with is reading the screen using the 100% setting and my code window font set to 14 and I have not had any noticeable cut/copy/paste problems. I am using the ‘Source Code Pro’ font that was commented upon in this forum and I find it better than my old favourite Lucida Console.

I am smiling because I have had a few too many crashes, today a code completion bug that really annoys and a bug in the reporting system doesn’t allow me to report a bug - but I do not have any display problems (unless if course Xojo crashes and I can’t see anything then). Sorry if only I can see the funny side…

I had issues with cut/copy/and paste getting a character off. At times I even had the cursor displaying in the middle of a character in the editor! I found that the font selection in the code editor can alleviate this problem. I settled on Microsoft Sans Serif, 18 and have not had any issues with it. I am running on a non-retina macbook pro. I suspect there are issues with Xojo related to proportional and non-proportional fonts. Has anyone else experimented with different fonts?

I am giving the fonts thing a go. Seems ok at the moment, but in the words of Capt Smith of the Titanic - “What iceberg and where the F*@#! is this water coming from?”

I have more problems with getting copy and paste getting to work at all. But I’ve seen words cut off when editing properties of a class or window. Mac Pro with old Cinema Display…