Xojo 2013 3.3 Crash on Save

I’ve decided to try using source control and an SVN desktop client with hosted repo, and so created a new directory for this and then tried to save my project in the xojo project format (rather than my usual binary choice) but every time just about 15-30 seconds in Xojo just freezes up and crashes.

Is this a bug with Xojo (or this version of Xojo) or some kind of memory issue?

Binary file size is 24MB. XML save works and is 33MB.

FYI: I’m on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit (iMac Bootcamp) and have 3GB RAM. (I actually have 12GB but Windows only recognizes 3GB.

BitDefender hogs a lot of memory but I’ve temporarily turned that off, pasued BitTorrent Sync and stopped SQL Server Services.

Error Message: First-chance exception at 0x76f52e7c in Xojo.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0xe3000000.

Are you allowed to write to this folder? Have you tried another folder? Have you tried to convert from xml to text? Have you tried to do the conversion on the Mac side?

With some repo configurations that use real time update, the file is locked until it has finished uploading. If you save at that time, it can create the issue.

Thanks for your comments but I finally solved it.

FYI: First i moved the folder to c:\ (out of sync directory) then turned off sync anyway. Then made an exception to the folder in my anti-virus and turned that off anyway. Then tried to save and it got a third of the way through writing the files but then failed.

I then right-clicked Xojo and ran as Administrator and the save worked!