Xojo 15.3 and MacOSlibrary

Problems with MacOSlibrary. Hopefully somebody more expert than me will see to it.

It needs to be updated for 64 bit
There are numerous structures that will need 32 and 64 bit counterparts for it to work

Don’t think the MacOSlib will be updated to 64bit any time soon. Thats too much work.
Guess it will be faster to start from scratch.

Well now that’s bad news… :confused:

Probably related to https://forum.xojo.com/22186-macoslib-future/p3#p213755 posted by the original author of much of MacOSLib

Due to an issue with Release 3 that was fixed just a few days before release, I couldn’t really continue on my OS X version of iOSLib. But I had a first glimpse of SpriteKit on my screen already (although I am unsure when I’ll be able to offer a roughly tested version).

If MacOSLib would be reduced to just the CoreFoundation and Cocoa classes, a 64 conversion shouldn’t be so much work.
The question is: Who uses all the other recently added stuff? There’s so much in it that I don’t even know what it’s about.

Thomas, would it be possible to fix the MAS certificate module? It seems it does not work for 64 builts.

It’s probably possible, but I have no need for this myself, and since this work was for free and open source, I invite others to do that. I simply have no time for it, sorry.